Numismatic: Subscription BU Div. set 2023 + 5€ Silver
Numismatic: Subscription BU Div. set 2023 + 5€ Silver Numismatic: Subscription BU Div. set 2023 + 5€ Silver Numismatic: Subscription BU Div. set 2023 + 5€ Silver Numismatic: Subscription BU Div. set 2023 + 5€ Silver
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Numismatic: Subscription BU Div. set 2023 + 5€ Silver

TheSubscription to the BU Divisional Coin set 2023 + 5€ Silver (Tema 1) consists of the reservation of the 2023 BU set with a 5 euro Silver Coin dedicated to 'San Marino Wildlife Protection'.
The Subscription form with deposit is reserved for private customers. The subscription cost includes: the cost of the coins and the packaging; any taxes and shipping charges are calculated before the confirmation of the order.
Images are indicative and are subject to change.

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Obverse: The centre depicts the Three Towers of Mount Titano, on the tops of which are placed the three Feathers, symbols of the Republic of San Marino; blades of grass at the bottom. On the left is the inscription 'REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO', on the right the letters CP, initials of Chiara Principe, author of the design, and the inscription U. PERNAZZA INC., initials of Uliana Pernazza, who did the engraving.
Reverse: The centre depicts the Italian Geotriton (Speleomantes italicus). Around the top is the inscription 'PROTEZIONE DELLA FAUNA SELVATICA'; to the right is the letter 'R', an acronym for Rome, identifying the Mint of Rome; at the bottom centre is the value 5 EURO and the year 2023.
By law, the Republic of San Marino protects its country's wildlife. The Italian Geotriton (Speleomantes italicus), a small amphibian similar to a salamander with strange cave-like habits, is certainly one of the most interesting species in the area. Lacking lungs, it only comes out into the open on cool, wet, rainy nights, hunting for small prey with its long, everted tongue.
An exclusively Apennine species that is very localised, with its mimetic colouring of brown, ochre and reddish patches, it is very difficult to observe in the wild. In San Marino, however, this unusual creature emerges from the underground meanderings of Mount Titano like nowhere else known and wanders, shrouded in mists, on the city's stone walls. Due to its peculiarities, the Geotriton, a friendly protagonist of school books, became the mascot of the 2017 Games of the Small States of Europe and San Marino has already dedicated a postal issue to it in the past.
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Thematic Divisional coin + 5€ silver coins (001)