A postal emission to honour the relationship between “Young People and Institutions”

A sheet from the San Marino Post Office designed by Giulia Galassi from San Marino on the subject at the centre of the regency term

On this coming 19th of March, Poste San Marino Divisione Filatelica Numismatica will issue a sheet with three stamps dedicated to the relationship between “Young People and Institutions”. It is a tribute to the relationship between the younger generations and the institutional life of the Republic of San Marino promoted by the Captains Regent of the Republic of San Marino, Filippo Tamagnini and Gaetano Troina, in synergy with the Secretariat of State for Finance and Budget and the Numismatic and Philatelic Division of the San Marino Post Office.
The sheet points to Piazza della Libertà, in the heart of the historical centre of San Marino, in front of the Palazzo Pubblico, a symbol of the national identity of San Marino.
The square is the setting for the everyday life of individuals and institutions, of the young, and becomes a venue for communication, transit, events and development. The creative concept has been entrusted to a young designer from San Marino, Giulia Galassi, who chose soft and bright tones and ensured the focus on young people and their complex worlds, possible futures and the salient themes of contemporaneity, so that they themselves may be bearers of rights and duties, as well as strenuous defenders of inalienable freedoms. The subject of the postal issue is a contemporaneity where the world, into which the younger generations were born, takes them back to wonder and freedom of inspiration, preserves the imagination, reminds mankind of the indispensable freedoms in every democracy, the “right to play” as a fundamental right, a constant reminder to preserve an edifying critical spirit.
The flag of Libertas flying over the Piazza encapsulates the origins and values and invites a glance at the past and the future. The view from the balcony of the Most Excellent Captains Regent, the Heads of State of the Republic of San Marino, assumes the wish for the proximity of the Institutions with the young, with the People, the participation in the life of the Community in a complex society, the dimension of sharing, a call for inclusiveness. With this issue, the art of philately crosses the theme of the development of the younger generations, the dominant focus held by the current Heads of State of the Republic of San Marino.

Date of issue: 19 March 2024
Values: No. 3 values of € 0.90. Sheetlet.
Run: 20,000 sheets
Printing: four-colour offset, two Pantone colours and fluorescent yellow invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Perforation: 14×14
Stamp size: 30×50 mm
Sheet size: 140×70 mm
Designer: Giulia Galassi


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