San Marino returns to issuing a gold coin

As of the 30th November, there will be a 20-euro quarter-ounce in 999 gold dedicated to relations between San Marino and Italy

The Philately and Numismatics Division of Poste San Marino Spa is back with a gold coin three years after the last issue. As of the 30th November, a 20-euro coin in Brilliant Uncirculated Gold (BU) 999‰ will be available, dedicated to the “Relations between San Marino and Italy”, weighing a quarter of an ounce (7.776 g). These specifications represent an interesting novelty with respect to the requirements of gold coins made in the past: the new coins will be issued with a purity of 999 thousandths and a weight expressed in a unit of measurement recognised throughout the world. The choice is enhanced by a limited edition of 750 pieces.
The reverse of the coin designed by artist Sandra Deiana draws inspiration from the classical and elegant iconography of Italy and San Marino under female likenesses that sculptor Enrico Saroldi modelled in the early 1930s for the new 5 lire silver coins and for the medal dedicated to the inauguration of the Rimini-San Marino railway. Renewing this iconography in a modern sense, the two female half-busts are depicted side by side, on an equal footing; the allegory of San Marino is distinguished by a headdress, a light helmet with a cap, symbolising authority; on the hem of the neckline of the dress is the motto LIBERTAS. Italy, on the other hand, has its head topped by a crown with towers. In a common gesture, the two women raise an olive branch bearing fruit: the gesture and the branch evoke cooperation, friendship, the fruitful fruits of peace and prosperity that spring from the relationship between the two republics. The gazes of the two figures are turned towards different points on a common horizon, reinforcing the concept of the harmony of relations between the two countries despite the differences due to their independent institutional identities, the result of different evolutions and choices.
On the obverse, the coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino (designed by Antonella Napolione). As this is a limited-edition issue, it is possible to order the coin by sending a request to

Face value: €20.00
Metal: Gold 999 ‰
Weight: 7,776 g.
Diameter: 22 mm
Designer: Sandra Deiana (reverse), Antonella Napolione (obverse)
Run: 750 coins, brilliant mint state (BU)
Coinage: IPZS – Roma
Selling price: € 560,00
Date of issue: 30 November 2023


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