Numismatic: Subscription BU Divisional Coin set 2024
Numismatic: Subscription BU Divisional Coin set 2024
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Numismatic: Subscription BU Divisional Coin set 2024

The Subscription to the BU Divisional Coin set 2024 (Tema 4) consists of the reservation of the BU Divisional Coin set 2024.
The Subscription form with deposit is reserved for private customers. The subscription cost includes: the cost of the coins and the packaging; any taxes and shipping charges are calculated before the confirmation of the order.
Images are indicative and are subject to change.

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The coins starting at 1 cent of euro issued by the Republic of San Marino depict the official coat of arms of the Republic, adopted, in its latest version, with Constitutional Law No. 1 of 22 July 2011. The coat of arms is surmounted by a closed crown, a symbol of sovereignty. The shield has an azure field, three green mountains, the towers in silver, fenestrated, crenelated and distinguished in black, edged with silver ostrich feathers. The shield is adorned with two green and decussate branches below the tip of the shield, one of laurel, the other of oak, ornamented in gold. On a silver ribbon the motto LIBERTAS appears in black capital letters.
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Print run 10.000
Thematic Divisional set coins (004)