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Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set 2018

Divisional coin set 2018

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In the Chamber of the Great and General Council in the Government Building, the headquarters of the main institutional bodies of the Republic, an impressive painting dominates the throne of the Captains Regent, depicting the Apparition of Saint Marinus to his people, painted by Emilio Retrosi in 1894. Saint Marinus bears in his left hand an open book with the Latin phrase "Relinquo vos liberos utroque ab homine" (I leave you free from the one and the other man: Emperor and Pope). According to tradition, these are the last words of Saint Marinus and symbolize the legacy he wanted to leave to his people: freedom. Following the 2017 change of the national designs of Euro coins, the San Marino 50 cent coin now shows a detail of the figure of the Saint, taken from the famous painting by Retrosi.
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Author Arno Ludwig - Antonella Napolione - Luc Luycx
Print run 13.000
Emission May 17, 2018
Value EUR 26,00
Thematic Divisional set coins (004)
Coinage I.P.Z.S. - Roma