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Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set 2018 + 5 euro silver coin "World Wildlife Day"

Divisional coin set 2018 + 5 euro silver coin “World Wildlife Day” Silver 925/000

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The 2018 brilliant uncirculated silver 5 euro coin, designed by the Canadian artist Andrew Lewis, shows on the obverse side, three feathers, symbolizing the Republic of San Marino. The reverse of the coin depicts the image of a feline with the fur covered with spots and stripes of various species, symbolizing all big cats. This is the theme under which the 2018 World Wildlife Day will be celebrated. The graphic style of the image recalls the areas where these animals live, in order to raise awareness particularly of conservation and to highlight the value of protection of endangered species.
More Information
Author Andrew Lewis
Print run 12.000
Emission May 17, 2018
Thematic Divisional coin + 5€ silver coins (001)
Value EUR42,00
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