20 euro oro 70 anni del Consiglio d’Europa
20 euro oro 70 anni del Consiglio d’Europa 20 euro oro 70 anni del Consiglio d’Europa
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20 Euro gold coin Proof "70th anniversary of the Council of Europe"

Gold 900/000 proof - Coniage Muenze Oesterreich Aktiongesellschaft

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The reverse side of the coin shows on the left a feminine profile with a star wreath on the head, which represents the roman divinity Libertas, personification of the freedom, to pay homage to the Council of Europe, of which San Marino is Member State since 16th November 1988.
Established in 1949, the Council of Europe is the main organization for the defense of human rights in the Continent and it includes 47 Member States, among them 38 countries of the European Union.

Gold: 900/000 proof
Weight: gr. 6,451
Diameter: 21 mm.
Edge: milled
Coinage: Muenze Oesterreich Aktiongesellschaft
More Information
Author Antonella Napolione - Kathrin Kuntner
Print run 850
Emission Nov 14, 2019
Thematic Gold coins (006)
Value EUR20