Divisionale 2022
Divisionale 2022
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Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set 2022

Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set 2022

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The front of the Capuchin church is reproduced on the 5 cent coin since 2017. The church dates back to the 16th century and is dedicated to St. Quirino, in memory of the failed attempt to occupy the Republic by Fabiano da Monte S. Savino on the 4th of June 1543. The front has a beautiful porch, under which in 1849 Garibaldi (who had taken refuge in San Marino to escape the Austrian army), disbanded his troops. On the church parvis is a column with an aedicule containing a statue of St. Francis blessing, both dating back to the early 20th century. Attached to the building is the Convent with a cloister containing a characteristic well. Behind the Capuchin church is the prison of the same name.
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Author Arno Ludwig - Antonella Napolione - Luc Luycx
Print run 11.000
Emission Jul 26, 2022
Thematic Divisional set coins (004)
Value EUR27,50