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International Jazz Day

Souvenir sheet made up of 3 values of €1.60 each.

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Lunedì , Venerdì, Sabato e Domenica
9.00-13.30 | 14.15-17.00
Martedì, Mercoledì e Giovedì
9.00 -17.00

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By the celebration of the International Jazz Day on the 30th of April, Unesco recognizes that this kind of music is a symbol of freedom and democracy. The souvenir sheet, designed by Lucio Schiavon, shows three jazz typical musical instruments (drums, trumpet and guitar). Jazz transcended the differences of race, religion and nationality and became a means of intercultural dialogue, unification and peaceful human society.
More Information
Author Lucio Schiavon
Print run 40.000
Emission Mar 10, 2016
Press 4 colour offset, two Pantone and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing.
Thematic Stamp sheets
Value EUR4,80