Divisionale 2021
Divisionale 2021
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Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set 2021

Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set 2021

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The facade of the church of San Francesco has been reproduced on the 10 cent coin since 2017. Founded in 1361 by the Conventual Minor Friars, the church of San Francesco is the oldest church in the Republic of San Marino: built in local stone by Comacine workers, subsequently it was transformed and underwent various restorations. The facade, marked by a pronaos with three arches, has a brick rose window. The ogival portal is surmounted by a fourteenth-century tombstone commemorating the foundation of the place of worship and depicting an imperial eagle and the profile of the emperor Justinian.
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Author Arno Ludwig - Antonella Napolione - Luc Luycx
Print run 11.000
Emission May 20, 2021
Value EUR 27,00
Thematic Divisional set coins (004)
Coinage I.P.Z.S. - Roma