San Marino Comics Festival
San Marino Comics Festival San Marino Comics Festival annullo
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San Marino Comics Festival

souvenir sheet made up of 2 values of €2.00 each - souvenir sheet size 140 x 80 mm - credits Diabolik@Astorina

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Lunedì , Venerdì, Sabato e Domenica
9.00-13.30 | 14.15-17.00
Martedì, Mercoledì e Giovedì
9.00 -17.00

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The souvenir sheet celebrates Diabolik, on the occasion of San Marino Comics festival, an event that will take place in San Marino from the 23rd to the 25th of August 2019. The popular character of the Italian comic strip was created in 1962 by the sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani. The series depicts Diabolik and Eva Kant in San Marino with the First Tower in the foreground and the Palazzo Pubblico in the background.
More Information
Author Riccardo Nunziati
Print run 70.000
Emission May 7, 2019
Value EUR4,00
Format 40 x 40 mm.
Indentation 13½ x 13½
Press 4 colour offset and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Thematic Stamp sheets