Storie e miti
Storie e miti Storie e miti Storie e miti Storie e miti Storie e miti
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Europa - Stories and myths

2 values of €1.10 and €1.15 in sheets of 12 stamps with a strip on the left side of the sheet

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The stamps depict the donkey and the bear, main characters of the legend according to which Saint Marino domesticated the bear that killed his donkey. The illustrations are realized using small handcrafted rubber-stamps, hand built and carved, engraved in “crepla” rubber, provided of a cardboard handle, inked in three tints (yellow, red blue) with linographic colors. The shapes used to create the characters are the basic geometries of the circle, the triangle and the oval. The overlaps of the different rubber-stamped inked figures create games of shapes and colors, full and empty.
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Author Chiara Armellini
Print run 35.004
Emission Apr 5, 2022
Value EUR2,25
Format 35 x 35 mm
Indentation 13¼ x 13¼
Press 4 colour offset, a Pantone and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Thematic Europe