60° anniversario di Diabolik
60° anniversario di Diabolik 60° anniversario di Diabolik
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60th anniversary of Diabolik

souvenir sheet of 4 values of € 1.10 each

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The souvenir sheet celebrates Diabolik, a comic created in 1962 by the brilliant sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani, through the depiction of the main characters: Diabolik, Eva Kant, Inspector Ginko and Altea. Diabolik is the main character of the series, a thief by profession, known as the 'King of Terror', but endowed with ethical principles such as honour, respect for the weakest, a sense of friendship and gratitude. Eva Kant is Diabolik's companion and accompanies him in his criminal enterprises. Ginko is the police inspector in Clerville, who has made the hunt for Diabolik his life's mission. Altea is the Duchess of Vallenberg, who has fascinated the inspector.
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Print run 25.000
Emission Jul 12, 2022
Value EUR4,40
Format 30 x 40 mm - 120 x 100 mm
Indentation 13¼ x 13
Press four-colour offset and fluorescent yellow invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Thematic Stamp sheets