The four seasons
The four seasons The four seasons
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The four seasons

souvenir sheet of 4 values of euro 1,25

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Lunedì , Venerdì, Sabato e Domenica
9.00-13.30 | 14.15-17.00
Martedì, Mercoledì e Giovedì
9.00 -17.00

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The image of two stylised figures and a dog together with an 'accomplice companion' tree is the recurring motif of the four drawings: all swept by the spring wind; under the tree sheltering from the heat of summer, the rain of autumn and the snow of winter. The sketch artist describes his work as follows: “Planet Earth and its seasons. Animals and plants, organisms in nature. Light, water and motion its primary forces. Hosting, sustaining, welcoming, relationship choices. Sun, snow, rain, wind the colours of our lives."
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Author Riccardo Varini
Print run 20.000
Emission May 9, 2023
Press four-colour offset, one Pantone and fluorescent yellow invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Thematic Stamp sheets
Value EUR5,00