Tributo allo Stemma
Tributo allo Stemma Tributo allo Stemma
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Tribute to the Coat of arms

Silver medals, minting ouse Picchiani & Barlacchi

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The Parliament fixed all the features of the flag and the coat of arms of San Marino definitively and formally with the constitutional law n.1 of the 22nd of July 2011, updating a previous law of 1974. “The official coat of arms of the Republic is surmounted by a closed crown, symbol of sovereignty. The shield has a blue background, three green mountains, silver crenellated towers with black windows and topped by silver ostrich feathers. The shield is adorned by two green branches decussating under the shield’s edge, one of laurel and the other of oak, with golden fruits. The LIBERTAS motto on a silver ribbon in black capital letters.”. The constitution integration, adopted in order to fill in a gap in the system - the law didn’t provide neither the official coat of arms nor the flag - will allow the achievement of the international recognition of the identifying symbols as sovereignty, uniqueness and independence. The silver and bronze medal, “Tribute to the coat of arms”, wants to make a symbolic bow to the Sovereignty of the oldest Republic in the world. A little State, moulded around the concept of “Freedom”, that struggled obstinately for the defence of its own independence. The State institutions and the people of San Marino always preserved a will of self-determination with natural spirit and actions. The medal wants to give body and substantial recognition to the unique and original huge identity heritage that since the 3rd of September 301 AD characterizes the third smallest State in Europe. The medal depicts on the obverse the new official Coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino, enframed by a decoration with four lobes with a geometrical shape on the edge. On the reverse in the centre, enframed by a laurel wreath on the edge, the inscription “STEMMA UFFICIALE DELLA REPUBBLICA DI SAN MARINO LEGGE COSTITUZIONALE 22 LUGLIO 2011 N.1”. Below, embossed and as a seal of the writing, the caption “AASFN” is placed into a white and blue enamelled frame with four lobes.
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Author Antonella Napolione
Print run 2.000 sets
Emission Apr 16, 2012
Thematic Medals
Value silver title 925/000, patinated with polishings on the relieves, turned in rib