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Bimillenary of the beginning of the works of the bridge of Tiberius in Rimini

10€ Silver proof coin - Silver 925/000

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In 14 BC the Emperor Augustus began the construction of the Bridge of Tiberius, strategical urban junction; it was finished under the Emperor Tiberius in 21 AC. Completely built in stone with oak stakes pounded into clay, its foundation elements are still perfectly kept. Conflicts, wars and incursions marked the history and “polished” the bridge, but it withstood to the elements and to the mines layed by the retreating German troops in the last world war. The silver proof coin commemorates 2,000 years of history. On the reverse it depicts in the foreground the Bridge of Tiberius and above the reproduction of an ancient coin with the profile of the Emperor Tiberius. Above the legend “PONTE DI TIBERIO”, in the centre the legend “14 • RIMINI • 2014”, below the value “10 EURO”. The symbol “R” of the Italian Mint and the designer’s name “L. DE SIMONI” complete the coin; on the obverse the coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino.
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Author Luciana De Simoni
Print run 6.000 sets
Emission Jul 22, 2014
Thematic Silver coins (003)
Value EUR10