International Year of Mother Earth
International Year of Mother Earth International Year of Mother Earth International Year of Mother Earth
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International Year of Mother Earth

Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin sets 2016 with a 5.00 € silver coin 925/000.

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San Marino payshomage to the International Year of Mother Earth with a 5.00€ silver uncirculatedcoin. The author is Matt Bonaccorsi, with a long experience in coin and medaldesign in the United Kingdom. Established by the United Nations General Assemblyin 2009, the day is celebrated on the 22th of April. Many countriescommemorate this event with the promotion of the environmental protection andthe fight against the destruction of the ecosystems, the exhaustion of fossilresources and the pollution of air, water and soil. The 5.00€ silver coinrepresents the planet with a germ, that means that only through the preservation of the natural resources life will be able to carry on its virtuous cycle.
More Information
Author Matt Bonaccorsi / Ettore Lorenzo Frapiccini
Print run 13.000 complete sets
Emission Jun 27, 2016
Thematic Divisional coin + 5€ silver coins (001)
Value EUR8,88