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5 Euro coin Zodiac "Virgo"

5 euro collectible uncirculated coin Zodiac "Virgo", year 2019 - metal bronzital

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San Marino continues the 5 Euro numismatic series dedicated to the 12 astrological signs. The obverse of the coins shows the sun in the center, with the lunar phases around it. The image of the sun is surrounded by three feathers, symbolizing the Republic of San Marino, and by the twelve astrological signs along the perimeter. The reverse of the first coin shows Gemini, an air sign and third constellation of the zodiac, while on the second coin Cancer is depicted, a water sign and fourth constellation of the zodiac. The reverse of the third coin shows Leo, a fire sign and fifth constellation of the zodiac, and on the fourth coin it is displayed Virgo with grape leaves in the hair, an earth sign and sixth constellation of the zodiac. The related symbol of each sign, depicted ten times around the perimeter of the coin, with the year of minting at the top completes the reverses of the four coins.
More Information
Author Annalisa Masini - Antonella Napolione
Print run 16.000
Emission Aug 29, 2019
Metal Bronzital
Value 5EUR
Edge continuous milling
Diameter 26,95 mm
Thickness 2,40 mm
Weight 9,30 gr
Thematic Monometallic (013)
Coinage I.P.Z.S. - Roma