sin gat
sin gat fog gat sin cav fog cav sin pap fog pap sin can fog can annullo
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4 values of €0,10, €0,50, €0,70 and €2,20 in sheets of 12 stamps with a strip on the left hand side of the sheet

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The series revisits in a fantastic way the philatelic theme of domestic animals. Pets are scratchy and funny depicted as musicians: a fiddler cat, a harpist horse, a parrot with a postal horn, a bass dog. On the strips there are cats playing with a viola, a cello and a double bass, a horse with the saxophone, a choir of parrots with microphones and two dogs playing the electric guitar and the drums.
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Author Mauro Mazzara
Print run 30.000
Emission Mar 24, 2020
Press 4 colour offset, a Pantone and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Value EUR3,50