Francobollo Anita Garibaldi
Francobollo Anita Garibaldi Foglio Anita Garibaldi Annullo Anita Garibaldi
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200th anniversary of the birth of Anita Garibaldi

1 value of €3.50 in sheets of 20 stamps

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The stamp depicts the fierce portrait of Anita Garibaldi, revolutionary female figure, characterized by a fighting bold temperament and strong emancipation, who in 1849 found refuge in San Marino with her husband Giuseppe Garibaldi and his army. The portrayed roses are the symbol of the virtues of Anita, who embodied values akin to fidelity, to moral integrity, to sense of duty, to respect for others, to love for the homeland, for institutions and for freedom of peoples.
More Information
Author Clorophilla
Print run 30.000
Emission Jun 1, 2021
Press 4 colour offset, a Pantone and yellow fluorescent invisible ink by Cartor Security Printing
Value EUR3,50